About Victor & Hanna

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While many dancers can easily fit into one category of dance, Victor and Hanna’s unique form of movement eludes classification. After 10 years of dancing on the world stage, and with the intimacy brought of knowing each other for years more, VH continue to develop stunning new work and dazzle audiences around the globe.

VH are unforgiving in their dedication to their art. Physically merciless, they have extraordinary flow and strength in their movement, working flawlessly in sync with their chosen music. Their vision is structured from deep personal experience and draws the audience into them, to share in the expression and feeling.

All their dance pieces – their ‘babies’ – have been created entirely by Victor and Hanna, from the choreography to music to costumes.

In the beginning the art starts as something small … slowly it grows into its form and finally, as it has had enough freedom to develop, it can be released into the world. VH’s main goal is to respect their audiences and never let them down. Their motto: “we are not finished when we are tired, we are finished when we are done!”


For years Victor and Hanna have had two homes – the dance floor where they perform, and an airplane! Their competitive career climaxed in becoming undefeated three time champions of the British Open Championships and the World Championships. The rule goes, after winning three times you have to leave a year gap. So having won many competitions in their competitive careers they decided to look ahead and channel their enthusiasm into new challenges. They have been part of numerous presentations in theatres in South Africa, USA, Finland, Austria, Asia and giving guest performances for various events in over 27 countries.

“We are not finished when we are tired – we are finished when our work is complete!”

VH constantly keep developing upcoming productions, and often they find their work is an inspiration to dancers later on, who adopt the same techniques – something which is always a compliment. One of their most memorable experiences on the competitive circuit was their first win in the (Blackpool) British Open. It was a surprise that Hanna, previously ranked number one in the World of Professional Latin dance, teamed up with Victor – already world champion in Exhibition dance – to compete in British Open floor. The reaction from the audience was so memorable that it still has an emotional hold over Victor and Hanna. The standing ovation and foot stamping didn’t end, even after they left the floor. In fact, some other couples complained that VH passed the time allowance on the floor because the audience was reaction was too long! It was definitely one of the highlights of their career!

VH have been often asked to perform on Dancing with the Stars around the world. The original show on the BBC, Strictly Come Dancing, was in fact the very first performance VH ever did – live, for an audience of 10 million viewers. Exciting…! After that followed Russia, South Africa, Italy and Finland.

Other prestigious moments include receiving the award “Premios Talentos 2006” from the Portuguese Ministry of Foreign Affairs for recognition of their work in sports and arts. The following year VH were honoured to perform a guest performance in Monte Carlo for Prince Albert and the Olympic sports committee.


Despite their hectic touring schedule, charity work is very close to their heart. In England they often perform charity events for Anthony Nolan Trust (UK Blood Cancer charity). USA, “Casa Estrella Foundation” (Orphanage for girls), South Africa for “Nelson Mandela 46664 Aids benefit” and Luzito Land (children with disability). One of their most moving experiences was giving a performance for the Handicapped children in Luzito. Seeing children develop a love for dance made VH feel that in life we need to be thankful when we have the ability to do what we love, and we should always do it to the best of our ability.


Discovering new challenges, and realizing the full potential of their career to come is now the goal of VH. One major aspiration is to continue to develop the art of dance and bring on new talent. Touring schedules are already being booked a year ahead, and be sure VH will have some new surprises!


At what age did you both start dancing and become involved in the performing arts?

  • Hanna started at the age of 5 and Victor at the age of 14.

How many times a week do you practice and for how long?

  • We practice on average 6 days a week and for around 5 hours a day in total.

What does your training towards dance entail?

  • Cardio-vascular training, cross-fit training for core strength and bikram yoga. We also like to explore new dance genres and ideas in the studio to develop our dance technique as well as our fitness.

How did Hanna get so flexible?

  • By stretching correctly everyday. This also ensures that she avoides injury as she pushes her body to the limits.

Do you both keep a regime diet?

  • Not exactly. We simply keep an eye on the way we eat. Its more of a healthy lifestyle as opposed to a strict eating plan.

What gives you the ideas on all the numbers you have created?

  • Sometimes it starts with a simple song playing on the radio or even a painting at a gallery. We then allow our minds to flow and create movement that feels just right!

Which is your favourite dance number choreographed to date?

  • This is a difficult one as they all are very special to us! They all live in us and our favourites change all the time. But “ITERNIDADE” at this present moment captures all we believe in. Simplicity and truth to dance and life between two people.

What is the legacy that you both want to achieve?

  • To be remembered as dancers that always gave truthfully to the art of dance and were never compromised by the norms of society.